Who We Are
Canada-Wide is the fastest-growing small business lender. We were founded in 2023 by former mortgage professionals experienced in business financing who believe business owners should be able to get fast and straightforward funding without having to overpay. We now provide millions in funding each month to small businesses across Canada.

What We Offer
Canada-Wide provides fast, easy, and affordable term loans to businesses, such as

  • Unsecured Financing
  • Secured Equity Financing (Anywhere in Ontario)
  • Equipment Financing
  • Line of Credit
  • CEBA Loan Refinancing

Why Canada-Wide?
• Simple application process
• Funding as fast as 48 hours
• Better rates than other alternative lenders
• Real business loans that build business credit
• Proudly Canadian owned and operated


Who We Serve
We serve dozens of industries ranging from retail and restaurants to manufacturing. Our loans are ideal for those who cannot get enough financing from their bank or need capital fast to take advantage of an opportunity.


Rates and Fees
Canada-Wide’s technology provides a rate based on the unique risk profile
of your business. We have better rates than other alternative lenders.

Common Uses
• Buy inventory
• Hiring
• Renovation
• Relocation/expansion
• Marketing campaigns
• Buy or lease equipment
• Refinance debt
• Cash flow
• Bill payments/ supplier payments
• Rent payment
• Equity takeout from mortgage (tax & other arrears and unexpected expenses)