Business Financing Simplified

Custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Easy, Accessible Funding Solutions For All Businesses

Custom solutions to grow your business

We listen to your needs and tailor custom solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

Personalized Funding

Our customers can borrow larger amounts for bigger projects. Make your business goal a reality.

Fast, and reliable financing solutions

We sit down with you to figure out your business needs, and offer dynamic solutions with transparent procedures.

Invest in your companies growth, through customized funding solutions

Business excluded from traditional lending channels can find great value by choosing Canada-wide as their alternative lender. When your business is in need of cash for running operations or growth, Canada-wide Business Financing is there for you! We provide accessible funding solutions to small business owners who can’t find funding through traditional methods.

Get funded within a week.

Canada-Wide offers small business owners the opportunity to take control of their business funding, by offering a flexible and accessible funding option. Businesses who do not have access to banking institutions for solutions, turn to Canada-wide. We work with small business owners in Canada and help them receive funding when they need it the most in a fast and reliable way. Our advisors work efficiently to structure a solution that will allow you to continue your business operations smoothly.

Meet the team

Gabriella Bartha-Burke

CEO/Director Of Sales

About Gabriella

My Career in the  lending industry has spanned over 30 years. During this time, I honed my craft and cultivated the resources to make me a true Alternative Lending Specialist. I now thrive from the ability to help clients that really need alternative business and mortgage financing solutions. During my career I have assisted numerous clients in obtaining their financing needs for home ownership and business loans for clients in every possible imaginable situation. For me, helping Canadians achieve their goals and move forward with their ambitions is the reason I wake up everyday. I wish to offer my expertise and lending resources so that individuals and the business community can flourish.

Karen Bell

Business Development Manager

About Karen

Karen Bell has been in the Financial Services Industry for 10 plus years and is now the Business Development Manager for Canada-Wide Business Financing. Her passion is to help others achieve their goals; be it financial or otherwise. Karen has taken her passion for helping others and has coupled that with her ability to listen and problem solve and has made it her life’s mission to help others come up with a solution to achieve whatever goal they would like to achieve.